Japanese Vase: A Symphony of Elegance and Craftsmanship

Introduction: Japanese Vase

Delve into the world of Japanese vases, where the delicate balance of tradition and contemporary artistry comes alive. From Sake Jugs to Mini Posy vases, each piece is meticulously handcrafted, embodying the essence of Japanese craftsmanship. In this curated collection, explore the diverse range of vases, both glazed and unglazed, that add a touch of sophistication to any space.

Table of All Products and Prices: Japanese Vase

Sake Jug, Dressing Jar, Pourer – White£3600– Versatile use for sake, dressing, and pouring.– Higher price point.
Takatori Yuko Ichirin Vases£4000– Unique Ichirin design.– Limited availability.
Mini Posy vase, Japanese ceramicSansho£3200– Perfect for small spaces.
Oribe Cylinder Vase£3200– Striking Oribe style.– May not suit minimalist aesthetics.
Japanese vase, slip, and rice ash glaze£3500– Beautiful slip and rice ash glaze.– Slightly heavier compared to other mini vases.
Slipware Hakeme Mini Vase£3500– Artistic slipware design.– Limited color options.
Stem Vase£1800– Ideal for single stems.– Korean-style glazed design.
Shirogeshi Blue and Grey Mini Vase£3200– Elegant blue and grey color scheme.– Limited availability.
Tokkuri Tamago Vase£3600– Unique Tamago shape.– Relatively higher price.
Wood-fired katakuchi Sake Pourer£2800– Textured wood-fired design.– May not appeal to those seeking a smooth finish.
3 Colour Hyoutan Mini Vase£4000– Striking three-color design.– Larger sizes may not suit all spaces.
Shakugake Vase£13600– Intricate Shakugake craftsmanship.– Exclusively for collectors due to the high price.
Hoshino Takenoko Vase£6500– Simple unglazed design.– May not stand out in elaborate settings.
Brushstrokes Mini Vase£3500– Artistic brushstrokes.– Limited color variations.
Furidashi Vase – Ameyu£4500– Ameyu glaze adds uniqueness.– Relatively smaller size.
Furidashi Vase – Warabai£4500– Warabai design for traditional charm.– Limited availability.
Hyoutan Mini Vase£4500– Traditional gourd shape.– Echizen-style glazed stoneware.
Hanging Vase£9500– Unique hanging design.– Requires additional support for hanging.
Nyuhaku Vase£11000– Larger sizes may dominate smaller spaces.– Korean-style glazed design.
Korai Glaze Box Vase£4800– Korean style glazed design.– Limited availability.
Small Faceted Vase£7000– Modern hand-formed slab design.– May not appeal to traditionalists.
Ameyu and Warabai cylinder vase£6500– Unique cylinder shape.– Limited availability.
Tsurigane Zogan Vase£6400– Zogan glazed beehive shape.– May be challenging to clean.
Maki-gama Vase£4800– Wood-fired conical design.– May have variations in color due to wood firing.
Medium Elliptical Shinogi Mimi Vase£18000– Statement vase with unique shape.– Large size may overpower smaller spaces.
Medium Elliptical Shinogi Vase£18000– Flattened, elliptical stoneware.– Unique shapes may not suit all tastes.
Medium Shinogi Swirl Vase£21000– Hand-decorated swirl pattern.– Higher price point.
Ridged Takenoko Vase£7600– Charming carved and decorated design.– Limited availability.
Shunkei Warabai Tall Japanese Vase£14200– Shunkei and warabai combination.– Taller size may limit placement options.
Warabai and ameyu medium vase£10000– Warabai and ameyu combination.– Limited availability.
Makuzu Kinuta Vase£3,00000– Kyo-yaki Kinuta shape.– Extremely high price.
Haikaburi VaseFrom £5200– Wood-fired Japanese Vases with ash coating.– Limited availability.
Haikemuri Tokkuri Vase£5200– Unique Haikemuri design.– Limited availability.
Black Momigara Tokkuri£3800– Traditional Black Mashiko Glaze.– Limited availability.
Rough Ball Vase£10500– Rough, unglazed, wood-fired design.– Distinctive design may not suit all tastes.
Blue Momigara TokkuriFrom £6200– Lovely blue-grey Glaze.– Limited availability.
Medium Shinogi Vase£21000– Large, white, hand-carved design.– Sold Out.
Hoshino Iron Glaze Katakuchi Sake Pourer£4600– Iron Glaze adds a rustic touch.– Limited availability.
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Note: Some products are marked as “Sold Out,” indicating their unavailability.

the design features for each type of Japanese vase in the collection:

  • Sake Jug, Dressing Jar, Pourer – White
    • Design: A versatile and elegant piece suitable for multiple uses, featuring a sleek white finish. Ideal for serving sake, dressing, or pouring with a minimalist aesthetic.
  • Takatori Yuko Ichirin Japanese Vase
    • Design: Embodying the unique Ichirin design, these vases showcase a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with a contemporary touch. Each piece is a work of art.
  • Mini Posy Vase, Japanese Vase Ceramic | Sansho
    • Design: Perfect for smaller spaces, this mini posy vase boasts intricate Japanese ceramic craftsmanship with a focus on simplicity. Ideal for displaying delicate blooms.
  • Oribe Cylinder Vase
    • Design: Inspired by the striking Oribe style, this cylindrical vase features bold patterns and vibrant glazes, making it a statement piece in any setting.
  • Japanese Vase, Slip, and Rice Ash Glaze
    • Design: Exhibiting a beautiful combination of slip and rice ash glaze, this Japanese vase captures the essence of natural elements with an artistic touch, creating a visually appealing piece.
  • Slipware Hakeme Mini Vase
    • Design: Artistic and distinctive, this mini vase showcases slipware design with intricate patterns, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.
  • Stem Vase
    • Design: Designed for single stems, this vase emphasizes simplicity. Its minimalistic design allows the beauty of the individual stem to take center stage.
  • Shirogeshi Blue and Grey Mini Vase
    • Design: Elegantly designed with a blue and grey color scheme, this mini vase adds a subtle touch of sophistication and serves as a unique accent piece.
  • Tokkuri Tamago Vase
    • Design: Boasting a unique Tamago shape, this vase offers a distinctive design that blends traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern sensibilities.
  • Wood-fired Katakuchi Sake Pourer
    • Design: Textured with a wood-fired finish, this sake pourer adds an earthy and rustic element to your dining experience, making it a conversation piece.
  • 3 Colour Hyoutan Mini Vase
    • Design: Striking with its three-color design, this mini vase showcases a fusion of colors, creating a visually captivating and unique piece.
  • Shakugake Vase
    • Design: Intricately crafted with Shakugake techniques, this vase stands as a masterpiece, appealing to collectors with its unique design and craftsmanship.
  • Hoshino Takenoko Vase
    • Design: Simple and unglazed, this vase emphasizes natural beauty and simplicity, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate minimalist aesthetics.
  • Brushstrokes Mini Vase
    • Design: Featuring artistic brushstrokes, this mini vase adds an element of handcrafted elegance to your space, making it a captivating decorative piece.
  • Furidashi Vase – Ameyu
    • Design: The Ameyu glaze adds a unique touch to this vase, creating a distinctive appearance that stands out, perfect for those seeking individuality.
  • Furidashi Vase – Warabai
    • Design: Incorporating the traditional Warabai design, this vase exudes charm and authenticity, offering a piece that reflects the rich Japanese cultural heritage.
  • Hyoutan Mini Vase
    • Design: Traditional in its gourd shape, this mini vase adds a touch of tradition and symbolism to your decor, making it a conversation starter.
  • Hanging Vase
    • Design: Uniquely designed for hanging, this vase adds a vertical element to your decor, making it a stylish and space-saving option.
  • Nyuhaku Vase
    • Design: Echizen-style glazed stoneware defines the design of this vase, creating a captivating piece with a mix of traditional and contemporary aesthetics.
  • Korai Glaze Box Vase
    • Design: Influenced by Korean-style glaze, this vase features a unique design that reflects cultural diversity, adding a global touch to your space.
  • Small Faceted Vase
    • Design: Modern and hand-formed with a slab design, this vase adds a contemporary touch to your space, making it an ideal choice for those with modern aesthetics.
  • Ameyu and Warabai Cylinder Vase
    • Design: The unique cylinder shape of this vase, combined with Ameyu and Warabai elements, creates a distinctive piece that stands out in any setting.
  • Tsurigane Zogan Vase
    • Design: Zogan glazed in a beehive shape, this vase adds a touch of intricacy and elegance, showcasing a blend of craftsmanship and artistic flair.
  • Maki-gama Vase
    • Design: Wood-fired and conical, this vase features variations in color due to its firing process, adding an element of unpredictability to its design.
  • Medium Elliptical Shinogi Mimi Vase
    • Design: A statement vase with a unique shape, this piece adds a touch of drama to your decor, making it a focal point in any room.
  • Medium Elliptical Shinogi Vase
    • Design: Flattened and elliptical in stoneware, this vase stands out with its unique shape, appealing to those who appreciate unconventional designs.
  • Medium Shinogi Swirl Vase
    • Design: Hand-decorated with a swirl pattern, this vase exudes sophistication and elegance, making it a refined addition to your decor.
  • Ridged Takenoko Vase
    • Design: Charming and carved with ridges, this vase showcases intricate details, adding a touch of texture and visual interest to your space.
  • Shunkei Warabai Tall Japanese Vase
    • Design: Combining Shunkei and Warabai elements, this tall vase adds height and elegance to your space, making it a captivating focal point.
  • Warabai and Ameyu Medium Vase
    • Design: The combination of Warabai and Ameyu elements creates a balanced and visually appealing medium-sized vase, perfect for various spaces.
  • Makuzu Kinuta Vase
    • Design: With the Kyo-yaki Kinuta shape, this vase reflects traditional Japanese design with a touch of sophistication, making it a collector’s item.
  • Haikaburi Vase
    • Design: Wood-fired with an ash coating, this vase, unfortunately, sold out, and featured a unique design that embraced the natural elements, making it a sought-after piece.
  • Haikemuri Tokkuri Vase
    • Design: Featuring a unique Haikemuri design, this vase reflects individuality and artistic flair, making it a distinctive addition to any collection.
  • Black Momigara Tokkuri
    • Design: Traditional Black Mashiko Glaze defines the design of this sake jug, adding a classic touch to your dining experience.
  • Rough Ball Vase
    • Design: Rough, unglazed, and wood-fired, this vase boasts a distinctive design, capturing attention with its raw and natural appeal.
  • Blue Momigara Tokkuri
    • Design: Lovely Blue Grey Glaze defines the aesthetic of this sake jug, adding a touch of color and vibrancy to your table.
  • Medium Shinogi Vase
    • Design: Large, white, and hand-carved, this vase (currently sold out) featured a design that added sophistication and artistic flair to any space.
  • Hoshino Iron Glaze Katakuchi Sake Pourer
    • Design: Iron Glaze adds a rustic touch to this sake pourer, creating a distinctive piece that embraces both functionality and aesthetics.

Please note that these descriptions are concise summaries of the design features, and the actual products may vary in appearance.

In this comprehensive overview, we’ve highlighted the key features and drawbacks of each Japanese vase, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your preferences and space requirements. Explore the artistry and functionality these vases bring, making a statement in your home.

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