Workout-Proof Your Hair: 6 Tips to Keep it Grease-Free and Healthy

Skipping a workout because it doesn’t align with your hair-wash schedule can be frustrating. For those who exercise daily, washing hair every day can feel like a chore. The post-workout endorphins may feel great, but the effect on your hair may not be as pleasant. To help solve this dilemma, we consulted experts for advice on pre and post-workout hair care products and tips like protein conditioners. Here’s what we discovered.

1.   Tie your hair

To prevent hair damage and potential breakouts during your workout, it’s essential to keep your hair away from your face. According to Dr. Sadhana Deshmukh, a dermatologist and trichologist at Forever Young and Hinduja Healthcare Surgical Hospital in Mumbai, open hair can cause breakage, while sweaty or greasy hair on your face can lead to acne and irritation. To avoid these issues, opt for a loose braid or bun and use a silk or satin hair tie to hold it in place.

2.   Don’t wash your hair every day

 Dr. Deshmukh recommends maintaining hygiene by dabbing sweat off your scalp with a separate towel or tissue, even though washing your hair every day after a workout is not recommended due to the risk of frizz and dryness. “Try to wash your hair every alternate day with a mild shampoo, or use a sulfate-free shampoo if you prefer to wash your hair daily,” she says. Also, be sure to use a protein conditioner, as protein strengthens the hair and reduces damage from the effects of regular exercise. After washing, be sure to apply a smoothing serum to your lengths and rinse your conditioner with cold water to minimize scalp pores and maintain strong roots.

3.   Make sure your hair is dry

If you’ve recently gotten caught in the rain during a workout or stepped out with damp hair, it’s best to skip the exercise for the day. According to Sabanayagam, working out with wet hair can be uncomfortable and lead to moisture being trapped in your scalp. Using a cap or scarf to cover your hair can exacerbate the issue and cause irritation. Moreover, rainwater may not be as clean as you think due to pollution in the environment, and leaving it on your scalp can result in hair problems such as root damage and dandruff.

4.   Avoid afternoon sun

It may feel tempting to work out during a relatively cool day under the hot afternoon sun, but it is not the best decision. According to Merchant, it can result in hair colour damage and weaken and frizz the hair strands. If you prefer outdoor exercise in the morning or evening, don’t forget to apply sunscreen and spritz your hair with a UV protection spray.

5.   Use dry shampoo

According to Dr. Deshmukh, instead of using dry shampoo after a Pilates session, it’s better to use it beforehand to keep your scalp dry and sweat-free during an intense WOD. However, she advises washing your hair every alternate day regardless of this step.

6.   Wear the right hairstyle

To take care of your hair post-workout, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, avoid leaving your hair tied up in the same way as you did during your workout. Let your scalp breathe and air out the moisture by opting for a loose hairstyle. “Using heat on the scalp after a workout is not recommended. Instead, air-dry your hair,” advises Dr Deshmukh. To untangle your hair, use your fingers followed by a wide-toothed comb to prevent breakage.

In conclusion, working out regularly is essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind, but it can take a toll on your hair if not taken care of properly. By following the tips and tricks shared by experts, such as keeping your hair off your face with a loose braid or bun, and using protein conditioner can help.

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